Neos and handling CORS with Flowpack.Cors package


I have created a simple JSON API in Neos based on Fusion rendering. Now I would like to use the package to configure CORS so that I can get Neos content from some other domain. After following the installation guide my Neos instance still did not respond with any CORS headers. I’m using Neos 7 and Flow 7.1. Could this be the issue because with the new Flow 7.x there is some new middleware mechanism in charge?

My current workaround is that I just set the response headers in my Fusion code.

Thanks for feedback!

You are correct - that package is not ported to middleware. You can use any other CORS middleware implementation (see original post about for ex. Flowpack.Cors What HTTP Components have you created - does a replacement middleware exists? - #5 by sorenmalling)

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Thanks @sorenmalling for your feedback. Will have a look into it.