Neos at FOSDEM 2016?

(Robert Lemke) #1

Just remembered that FOSDEM is coming up in January. I’ve been there previously together with @kdambekalns and it’s a great event!

Question is: should we apply for having a Neos stand there? I didn’t give it much thought yet, but I think I’d like to go there, also because it would be helpful to network with the leads I know from the other FOSS projects to discuss options for a legal body for the Neos Project.

If we want to have a stand at FOSDEM, we need to come with at least two people and the deadline for the submission is THIS FRIDAY .

What do you think?

Team Minions |Protocol: Meeting | 2015-11-16
(Karsten Dambekalns) #2

For those too lazy to look it up, will be in Brussels, January 30th and 31st. The CfP is at

(Karsten Dambekalns) #3

Also, proposals for Lightning Talks can still be made, until November 27th…

(Karsten Dambekalns) #4

And PHP dev room proposals are open until November 25th at