Neos backend performance

Hi everyone,

I have created a NEOS website for my sports club, the hoster is Mittwald (Webhosting XL). I’m not a professional web developer and this is my first NEOS project so far. The frontend of the website works very fast, but we have problems using the backend: It’s very slow.

I have optimized my CSS and JavaScript Resources, but it didn’t have any effect.
Now I’m asking you guys for help. Is there a way to make the backend faster by changing the NEOS configuration? To answer the potential questions: I’m in production mode. NEOS Verison: 2.1.2

Thank you for your help and best regards

Hi Daniel and congratulation for your first website. Sad that you have performance issues.

Neos 2.1.x is near end of life and receive on security fixes for a little bit less than one month (based on the official roadmap, so first advice please upgrade to a more recent version. 2.3 LTS can be a good option if need to support old version of PHP (5.6), but if you have access to PHP 7.0/7.1, go with Neos 3.2 that we recently release.

In normal condition the backend should not be slow, or fast enough to work with. We need more information about your site to help you. Did you have really long page, with a lots of content node (a lots, like 10, 50, 200 … node in the same page) ? A really huge amount of node in a single page can cause some performance problem.

Hi @dfeyer, thank you for your reply.
You are right, there is a correlation between performance and the number of nodes. We have a lot of nested nodes, for example column in column with text or picture.
This site is a good example, Opening it in the backend takes over 1 minute:

Is this a wrong approach? Is there a way I could structure this page better so it loads faster?

PHP 7 is supported at Mittwald, by updating to Neos 3.2 I could use it. Do you think this would be a performance plus?

Thank you and best regards

The performance gain between PHP 5.6 and 7.x is huge so yes, it will help.

1 minutes to open sounds strange, it’s not really what I call a lots of nodes :wink: But maybe the nesting as an impact. @dimaip can maybe help us here with more details ?

The new UI perform also a lots better on big pages. So if you update the Neos 3.2, you can try the React based UI (in paralel with the Ember based UI). It can be really intersting for us to have your feedback about the performance of the new UI. Check the readme for more informations about how to enable the new UI:

Hard to say without a full access to your setup and Fusion configuration. An audit can certainly improve performance, but hard to say how much.

From my side, let’s try:

  1. Upgrade to the latest Neos version
  2. Update PHP to 7.x
  3. Try the react based UI

Try to test the performance between each step, and if you can update the post with the details, it can be useful for the community.


Hi Dominique (@dfeyer) ,

I’m having some trouble with upgrading to the latest Neos version.
We currently have 2.1.2, so I would follow the Instructions on the Neos Website to go from 2.1 to 2.2, then to 2.3, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.

Unfortunally I can’t even go to 2.2. I followed the instructions from the following link:
After the Update I get an error page when trying to load the website. When creating the site I made a beginners mistake and defined some of my custom node types by extending the Typo3.Neos.NodeTypes Package instead of my own site package (NodeTypes.yaml). I’m not sure if this can cause problems when updating the Neos core, because the NodeTypes.Content.yaml I edited will be overridden at some point. However the Typo3.Neos.NodeTypes Package didn’t get overridden by doing the 2.2 upgrade.

Is there an easier way to upgrade Neos?
For example:

  • Remove the old Neos instance
  • Use the Hosters Software Manager to set up an up to date version
  • Migrate the Database from 2.1 to 3.2 and import it
  • Import the site package

Would this be possible and are there scripts to migrate the database only?

Best regards

Look like a package ordering problem. If you site package extend some node type for the Neos:NodeTypes package, your package (composer.json) must require the neos.nodetypes (with correct package name, this one if for Neos 3+). Once the composer.json is correct, run (if the command is available on 2.2, I can’t remember when it has been introduced), if the command does not exist remove the PackageState.php (for the distribution Configuration directory and clear the cache)

./flow flow:package:rescan

To help you, it can be nice to know more details about the errors, and check also the logs if they contains more details.