Neos behind HTTPS proxy generates HTTP URIs

Hey there,

I have the following setup:

  • Neos on Apache, serves HTTP (Server A)
  • NGINX on a single IP address, proxies requests to different machines based on server name and does SSL termination.

Now, I assume Neos sees: “Oh, Apache is serving HTTP, so I generate HTTP links”. Later, those requests are wrapped in a TLS stream and those links will not work.

Now I could get my client to recompile NGINX with a text replace module and find an replace http://domain with https://domain but that feels rather dirty.

Is there an option in Neos to force generate HTTPS links?

Hi @mstoyanov,
we got a similar configuration on may sites, only haproxy instead of nginx, but the flow is the same and I’m not encountering your issue. This gives me a first question for you: Did you setup a domain for the website setting port and protocol too? Did not try it yet but it could force base url creation with http protocol and thus the issuee you’re encountering.

Hope it helps,

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Hi @ilCerchiari,
yes, I have a full vhost configuration for this site but I could try it an see if it works.

Hi @mstoyanov,
maybe I misunderstood something, but I would not like to mislead you.
I was referring to the Neos backend Site Management configuration area, where you can set a domain, port and host for a website.

Just to be sure :wink:


Oh yes, I did got this wrong. :wink:
I thought you meant Apache’s vhosts or something. I did not configure any sites in the backend are since the error/problem is already visible in the installer.