Neos bugfix releases: 4.3.16, 5.0.14, 5.1.10 & 5.2.3

I tagged a couple of bugfix releases for Neos yesterday. They fix bugs and inconveniences, as is to be expected.

Of notable impact is hopefully the change to speed up node move operations: In a large project this improved the moving of ~750 nodes from 1.7m to 8.5s. In the demo site moving the “features” page from 4s to 1.65s. Publishing seems to be only slightly (~10%) faster due to its different behaviour in the CR.

Potentially breaking change

Due to an issue in how Doctrine 2.x handles the computation of changesets when given entities to commit, it recomputed the changesets for all entities for every entity. Which this change this behaviour is circumvented by commiting all entities at once. Including entities which might not have been included with the previous code, but would have been persisted at the end of the request anyway.

This should only lead to a behavioural change if custom code would modify a node, then move other nodes and expect the the first node was not persisted yet.

See neos/neos-development-collection#3015 for the pull request with all details.

See the changelogs for details:

See the release announcement for Flow, too, it contains information about another potentially breaking change: Flow bugfix releases: 5.3.17, 6.0.14, 6.1.8 & 6.2.3

Thanks to those who contributed!

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