Neos Cache Location

Where does neos stored the cache ?
since we are running the neos image as docker image but every time when we restart the kubernetets pod
It again ask for setup the database configuration(take to setup/login) Even after we had the database backup

We want to avoid the setup/login page again & again when we restart the docker image or kubernetets pod.

Hey Pawan,
when you use the Neos setup tool, Neos writes a Settings.yaml file in the “Configuration” folder of your Neos installation. I’m currently not 100% sure if the file is directly under Configuration or in Configuration/Development (or /Production, depending on which context you’re running Neos in), but you should be fine if you just persist that entire folder.

Also, make sure you persist the Data/Persistent folder as well, otherwise any uploaded pictures/assets will be gone after an app rebuild.


Thanks, Bastian for your time.
Will persist the Data/Persistent too.

As per your reply, I had one concern in that, when I set up for the database in Neos neos/setup page, create the Setting.yaml inside the Configuration folder.

But I want to run my application on Production mode, facing few issues in that.
Would you please help me out in this.

Please find the below link where I had the some concern