Neos Con 2019 Talk Length

Hi all,

as you may know, Lisa from Sitegeist, Sebastian and me from Sandstorm have already started to plan next year’s Neos Con 2019 in Dresden.

Through the after-Neos-Con survey we got some feedback regarding the talk length and that they generally should be shorter. We would like to verify this with you before we start the schedule planning.

Please vote for your preferred option by next Wednesday, 13th June. If you’re having another idea just let us know by posting below.

sunny regards

  • more but shorter talks - only 20 min
  • less but longer talks - only 40 min
  • mix 20 and 40 min Talks

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I voted for mix, but I’d say most tech talks better be short (20min + 10min questions time), with only a few key talks that need to build up the atmosphere (e.g. non-technical Robert-style talks) be extra length.