Neos Demo Installation not working


I recently installed neos on my Ubuntu with the following guide:

At point 3. I used the “from scratch”-option.

Then I went through this tutorial:

on point 7.1 i used the NEOS.DEMO-package and added a custom-package.
The installation worked, but as soon as I added a text-node in the backend the backend showed the following error:

Exception #1332493995 in line 417 of /var/www/html/neos-example/Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/Neos_Fusion_Core_Runtime.php: The Fusion object Neos.Demo:Content.Text cannot be rendered:
Most likely you mistyped the prototype name or did not define
the Fusion prototype with prototype(Neos.Demo:Content.Text) < prototype ... .
Other possible reasons are a missing parent-prototype or
a missing @class annotation for prototypes without parent.
It is also possible your Fusion file is not read because
of a missing include: statement.

I attached the full error from The Exeptions-folder
error.pdf (19.5 KB)

Can you please help me :slight_smile:


If your create another site package with the installer the Demo package gets disabled and not loaded anymore. But your already imported its content that’s now missing its configuration.
I assume that’s what happened and causes the error.
What do you want to do?
I recommend removing the demo when you start your own site package and pruning the imported content and importing the content from your new package instead.

Hey Sebastian,

thanx for your reply!
I wanted to start a new projekt and assumed that it would be a nice way to start, if I use the demo. as soon as I removed the demo-package in the composer.json and ran “composer update” I got a load of errors in the backend.

For now I switched to installing all new with the skeleton-package… and this works for me perfectly. so we can close this case, if nobody else has the same problem!