Neos/Flow is not being updated to a newer version (8.3.7)

Hello, recently i´ve been having problems because of neos/flow not updating to version 8.3.7. I need the newer version for a different package to function.
Manually requiring neos/flow 8.3.7 also leads to more problems.
Do you have any idea what is causing this?

Hey Philipp,

no problem.

Your neos/utility-mediatypes is pinned to 8.3.6, but you should relax that to allow 8.3.7 and up, we changed requirements such that now you need to have all version numbers of packages in the dev collections on the same version (that is to get flow 8.3.7 this utilityy would also have to go to 8.3.7)

Also could you be more specific about the problems you have when trying to update?

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Thanks for the answer.
The problem i have is with utility-mediatypes 8.3.7 as it causes an issue with neos/flow 8.3.6. I have pinned it to 8.3.6 temporarily because of that.
When i dont have it pinned neos/flow still will not upate to 8.3.7.

And this is the error i receive when i manully set neos/flow to 8.3.7

The problem is the dependency on symfony/dom-crawler in your own package (is it yours?), the iww/contentmarketing. This needs to align with what flow requires. Interestingly nothing has changed in the bugfix releases of flow so it should never have installed those two together. Did you add that requirement to your package without trying if that installs correctly before trying to update flow?