Neos.Form.Builder Attachments


has anyone experience with the Neos.Form.Builder? Because I want to send more then 1 Attachment with 1 file upload.
I tried it with multiple="multiple" in the Neos.Form FileUpload.html, but it only send the last Attachment.

What do I have to observe?

Thank you

Hi “Ho Bu”,

I’m afraid that won’t be as simple as that. The example FileUpload Form Element is built to convert a single persistent resource.
You probably have to implement a custom Form Element class (along the lines of and invoke the conversion manually in onSubmit() and/or create a custom type converter.

Hello Ho Bu

I am trying to solve the same problem. Were you able to work this out somehow?


I created a ticket for this: – feel free to comment your ideas there

Thank you!

FYI: I just created a little package providing an example MultiFile Upload Form Element: