Neos generate index.php in the url

Hi everyone,

I host a Neos to shared hosting server and add .htaccess inside public_html to redirect to public_html/Web. I am not sure that cause a problem or not but the url contains index.php.

Could someone experience this problem and how to fix it?

As far as I understand it you have public_html specified as your root whereas it should be the Web folder.
That also makes your .htaccess that redirects stuff obsolete.

The vhost must point directly to the Web path. You have to configure the vhosts.

< VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/YourProject/Web/"
SetEnv FLOW_CONTEXT Development
< Directory /var/www/html/YourProject/Web/>
AllowOverride All
< /Directory>
< /VirtualHost>

Hi Christian,

It is a shared hosting and the root path is public_html. Do you have other solution?

Hi David,

It is a shared hosting and the default root is public_html. Do you have any suggestion?

Make sure that


is set. If you’re not allowed to set env variables via .htaccess, you might have to add it to the index.php until is merged

Hi Bastian,

SetEnv FLOW_REWRITEURLS 1 was already set.

But was it accepted?
You can check via


Hi Bastian,

How to run your comment script? Do you any suggestion to fix my problem?


You mean how to debug that value?
the hardcore way is to add


anywhere to your code to see whether it is actually set. If not, you can set it via


Do you have the rights to add files/folders above the public_html folder? Maybe you can simply use public_html instead of Web und place the other files one level up.