Neos login Through command line


We have login page top of the neos login page where the user will put their credential, from there itself the user has to be login without neos/login page to the neos and can see the home landing page.

Is there any alternative to login in Neos, any direct API or services or through command line

Hi Pawan Kumar,

I’m not sure what you want to achieve, could you rephrase your question?

Thanks for quick reply.
Since we our our authentication and authorization ,where user will keep his credentials Through our login page,we get the ROLE and other information in response.

With The same credentials ,user has to directly login to neos without neos/login page.(can see the home landing page).


I’m afraid I still don’t get it completely.
Do you want to authenticate users using a 3rd party provider so that the /neos/login is skipped if the user is already authenticated there?

Like a URL with a ?token=[RANDOMSTRING] that automatically logs in, when the user clicks that link?

Really Thanks for quick response.
Yes correct, want to skipped the login in neos/login as user is authenticated in our single sign on (login page).


Thanks for support.

Since User has to login through third party authentication where user has to keep credentials ,once he fill it ,would be getting the user information with role so how this information could be passed into Neos and user should not be able to login agin into neos/login. (should directly go to the landing page)

You could write a custom AuthenticationProvider that interacts with your SSO service.+
Maybe helps you

Thanks for support.
I got the idea, will try to implement such way.

As there might be new user introduce in LDAP directory at any time so i believe that user and he/she role should be sync in Neos already,But We want to create the user and assign role at run time as and when he/she gets login though SSO(Third party authentication).

would you please suggest how to achieve this.