Neos Marketing Sprint Rheinstetten - July 18-20th 2022

Sebastian Helzle will organise a Neos Sprint in Rheinstetten (Germany) from July 18th-20th. The sprint will be in Sebastian Helzle’s office.

As it’s a marketing sprint, the topics will include but are not limited to the following:

  • updating and adding new features
  • discussing marketing efforts for the rest of the year
  • Neos demo?
  • growing our Neos budgets with supporters
  • bring your own topic :slight_smile:


Please fill the doodle here: Doodle

There is space for ~8 people probably. (Maybe more if needed)
But you can also join remotely.

Start will be every day at 9:00 with an open end.

Sprint Location:

Forlenweg 14
Rheinstetten (Silberstreifen)


Please organize your accommodation on your own. As a suggestion, you can check around the Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof area for cheaper options.
The tram from Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof or Albtalbahnhof area to the sprint location takes only ~7 minutes.


  • There is a big lake (Epplesee) nearby in which you can swim.
  • A big forest for some easy hiking.
  • And everything Karlsruhe has to offer of course.

Costs and Sponsoring:

  • Meeting room: sponsored by Sebastian Helzle
  • Drinks: looking for a sponsor
  • Food: looking for a sponsor
  • Hotel/Accommodation: as usual - everybody takes care on her/his own

Covid rules:

We do not know yet which rules will apply in five months due to the nature of the pandemic. To be on the safe side you can assume that the Sprint will be 2G (vaccinated or recovered). We may decide later to use less strict rules if we are allowed to and consider this safe. We will update this section if changes to the covid-rules are possible or necessary.

We are looking forward to see you all in Rheinstetten :blue_heart:


We are planning to keep a slack video channel open where you can join anytime.
Please follow #guild-marketing for details.

9-12 Open Discussion - bring your topics
13-18 Neos Demo
9-11 Open Discussion - bring your topics
11-12 Sponsoring
13-16 Sponsoring - website issues
16-18 - website issues
9-11 Open Discussion - bring your topics
11-12 Website Content update
13-16 Website Content update
16-18 Sprint closing