Neos Meetup HH: No 3 - The tool of peers

Hi @all!

We’re going to have our third meetup next month (08.07.). Our second meetup was quite successful and informative for all attendees. We had quite a variety of visitors - some that are already using Neos in production, some that are at the edge of doing the same and some that want to carry out the technology in their companies. But all of them thrilled about what Neos enables them to do :smile:

Gina Steiner and Sven Ditz managed to take some fears and doubts with their talks and we all had lots of interesting conversation. It is really a great way to get those who are using Neos and those who are considering it connected.

Currently we are searching for topics for the next event. The experience of the first two has shown, that it works great to keep balance between technical and non-technical (e.g. marketing) topics, because for either side the other perspective potencially holds arguments that help to push the technology at all levels.

Here’s the link to the event:

Please do not hesitate to check in for the event or to contribute anything you’d like to share at the meetup. And last but not least: If Hamburg is no option for you, I’d like to encourage you to start your own meetup at your location. If there’s anything I can support you with, just contact me and I’ll see, what I can do.

With kind regards

BTW: After having named our second meetup “No 2 - Down the rabbit hole”, it turned out that the visitors liked the idea of naming the meetup events after the alice in wonderland chapters as seen in the demo package - so I decided to keep it that way. But I wasn’t too aware of the second chapters name… But I guess it’s okay to be a little creative about that.