Neos Menu with Afx Docs

Hey guys,

I’m just wondering if there exists a recent documentation about the menu/navigation with afx.

This documentation only say, that afx ist recommended.

Is there any tutorial or documentation that explains the menu/navigation usage in a correct way?

Because with the Neos.Neos:Menu or Neos.Neos:MenuItems Component, I can’t find a way to customize my navigation in my own way (even Typo3 can do this).

So if someone knows a great example for a up-to-date menu integration, I would be thankful.
And the docs really need to be updated. Such a simple and yet important thing as a menu, that everybody uses and needs in his website/project, needs to be up-to-date. (in my opinion)

Thanks in advance,

You can look into the Neos.Demo package

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Hey Daniel,
I also added a similar example to that @martoro suggested here:

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Hi, this works great. Now the only thing i can’t figure out is the proper href tag to make the menu functional.
Thanks in Advance

Hey, you just have to use the Neos.Neos:NodeUri Prototype like so :

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Thank you so much.
I used: href = Neos.Neos:NodeUri { node = ${node} }
and couldn’t figure out a way to specify this better.
AFX rendering is verry new for me.