Neos on Ubuntu 18 with Plesk - Stylesheet not available

Hey guys,

I’m currently setting up a Neos using Docker on my server.
It’s running Ubuntu 18 with Plesk installed.

I had some difficulties setting up everything, but it works now.

The Docker is running and everything works fine over port 8081 (not https).

But now I’m facing a problem with Stylesheets and Image over port 80 (https).
The content is displayed, but no styling.

My nginx directives are set to the port 8081.

Here you can see by yourself:

Has anyone an idea?

Thanks in advance,

Hey Daniel,

Probably you need to configure your site with a proper domain entry in Neos (Sites Modul). With this Neos should generate the URLs correctly. Keep in mind, https is port 443 not 80.