Neos Online Meetup | 2018-09-05 14:00 UTC

I like to welcome all interested to the first Neos Online Meetup.

Based upon the original idea everybody is invited to bring there issues and ideas forward and we will help each other move forward :slight_smile:

The session will be on Google Hangout on the following url

Nothing is to simple, small, “stupid”, large or advance - bring everything to the table. Let’s get smarter together :slight_smile:

If you participate, give this post a “:heart:” or write a comment - maybe with what you might bring to the call :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’d love to but won’t be able to attend.

14:00 UTC, so that’s 16:00 CEST correct?
I added it to the official Neos Events calendar

Yes, 16:00 CEST :slight_smile:

I cannot promise yet to be there, but will try. I pinned the post until the meeting :slight_smile:

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What an interesting idea :smiley:. I’ll be there

Cool idea like the remote react meetups. Bit sad that it is so early so that I am not able to attend.


know that Seren want to use hangout for the first meetup. But when I started with react native the platform remote meetup came up. The team behind had much to do and so it stopped, but they now continue and maybe it is a nice opportunity to join the forces.

The platform gets more topics and neos can maybe attract more people that are not from a German, Danish or Dutch speaking country :wink:

The website is not uptodate yet, but the twitter account gets some new stuff in the last days. I am in Poland tomorrow and guess two of the last react native meet up are there. So maybe I can ask them :slight_smile:

I didn’t get much out of reading the webpage I found ( ? ) but feel free to ask them - I wouldn’t mind, I’m looking for the easiest solution to use, by as many as possible :slight_smile:


Thanks to all participants! It was great talking about everything from current working issues and share knowledge about different platforms and solution. Here is a recap of the meeting :slight_smile: Next Online Meetup is 19th september



Render Hubspot forms directly in Neos

Oliver brought up a issue with rendering Hubspot generated forms directly in Neos using the Fusion, AFX and the Atomic Fusion concept. Bastian supplied a gist with Fusion configuration of form elements.

Oliver told that he and OneDrop will be releasing the package once it’s live :champagne::fireworks:

Upgrading Neos 3 to 4 had all editor buttons disappear

Chris brought up an issue related to buttons disappearing after a Neos upgrade to hear if other has experienced the same. The issue was solved by creating a new user (see in the issue for details) and wasn’t possible to reproduce on other environments (see issue for details). If you have had the same experience, please elaborate in the issue :slight_smile:


We had a integresting talk about Hubspot and what is actually possible with that tool. Jon and Chris shared quite some knowledge about the power in terms of marketing automation and customized content based on Hubspot and similar prodcuts. :email:

We also came around the topic “e-commerce” and how it has been evolving. Chris told about a upcoming integration to Sylius where they are building a bridge between these two platforms and Jon brought op Shopware as another interesting platform. :shopping_cart:

Jon also brought up how you can use the new CSS Grid and the autoprefixer build tool, to make grids that are supported all the way to IE11! :open_mouth:

Next Neos Online Meetup

Add 19th september 2018 to your calendar - we might try a different time. I will update it within the next week


Awesome… by the way I talked to Gant Laborde and he send me to Frans that is making the remote meetup stuff. He is interested and if we want we can join the platform. It is free and he also asked if I plan to work on the page.

His vision is something like for remote meetups. How awesome would be a neos driven page :slight_smile:

He liked what he saw on

@markusguenther feel free to contact me via mail or Slack and tell me more about the concept. I’m a little unsure what they offer and what the purpose it, but I’m sure that you can enlighten me - you seem to know alot about it!

Frans and I planned to have a call to talk about that. So if you want you can join. If I know that you want to join I will arrange that :slight_smile:

I actually just wrote mails with Frans and talked to a react-native speaker. Also used this platform as a enduser for the react-native meetup.

Maybe the tool does not match all needs, but we can try it and find out how it works for us :slight_smile:
The good thing would be that you maybe attract people that are not using Neos at the moment.