Neos Online Meetup (Karlsruhe) 2020-04-08 20:00 MESZ

Good morning Neos Community,

it’s some time ago since the last Neos Meetup in Karlsruhe. @sebobo and I phoned yesterday and talked about a revive and planned a first online meetup on

Wednesday the 8th of April at 20:00 MESZ.

As it is an online meetup it is surely not limited to the Karlsruhe region and we like to invite all the Neos-interested to join. Please RSVP nevertheless at to estimate the online video capacity we need.

We are looking for talks! So if you like to present something - cozy from your kitchen table - please reach us here or on slack or on


Neos :blue_heart: Elasticsearch

(Daniel Lienert)

Flowquery works great to traverse your node tree. But due to limitations of the Neos ContentRepository it cannot efficiently limit, sort or paginate results or query by property values. That’s a big issue as soon as you have some hundreds of documents.

Luckily the Elasticsearch backend fills that gap.
During the last months I worked a lot on the Elasticsearch packages and lots of features got merged. I’d like to show you some already known and lots of new features of the upcoming package versions. Additionally I show some Packages I developed to make our projects with up to 1Mio nodes fly.

Better Embed, Pretty Embed and SVGs

(Jon Uhlmann & Davis Spiola)

Free yourself from third party crap.Include the essential content of any website or service such as Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, WordPress Blog posts, etc. into your page without any extra effort. By that, it is GDPR/DSGVO compliant, has maximized performance, and you can theme/change the markup as you want it. No iframes anymore! #fightiframes

PrettyEmbed Series
The PrettyEmed Series (Audio, Video, Youtube, and Vimeo) has got a big update. I’ll show what the new possibilities are, and why you should upgrade to this new version. Small hint: No external resources, even for Youtube and Vimeo, as long the user doesn’t start the media player. By that, I’ll also show some common patterns with Neos.Fusion:Component who are quite useful in every project.

SVGs are not images; they are documents!
With this in mind, you can create excellent content and master design challenges in your project with ease. I’ll show you some examples, what SVG is capable of.

Access restrictions in Neos

(by Sebastian Kurfürst)

I’ll showcase the Sandstorm.NeosACL package, which can be used to configure access restrictions on the node tree within a Neos backend module. No programming needed to handle common use cases!
If interested, I can also explain some of the difficulties and inner workings to make this work.

We are really looking forward to welcome you at the meetup.

Sebastian and Daniel


Great idea. Is it intended to be german or english?

English if at least one person is not a native German speaker I would say :slight_smile:
Same as always. We would be super happy if there are people joining from other places (or same place but different language)!

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Also invited the people from the Hanover Meetup und Berlin Meetup. So hope that we will be some people :smiley:

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The schedule is filled now. Looking forward to see you all there!