Neos PHPStorm Neos plugin question

Hi guys,

I got pointed out to Neos by a friend so i want to try it out. I wanted to try with phpstorm ide to develop my own site. But how do I start? Which kind of Project do I need? How do use the Neos plugin?



just create a simple PHP or web project.

How do use the Neos plugin?

What do You mean? Just install the plugin and it supports e. g. the fusion language.

Thank you very much for the hint. I managed to install the plugin.
Is there also a possibility to directly bind a neos site into the project and also editing that files in phpstorm?
At example in Netbeans I can add a PHP project files from a remote server and code directly in that files.

I don’t know exactly, because I work with IntelliJ. But PHPStorm is basically the same, only a little bit lighter. In IntelliJ I can create a Remote Host via Tools > Deployment. And when I’m connected to the server, I can update the files via drag’n’drop or modify them directly.

Hey Michael,

i got it working in Phpstorm and also IntelliJ. In IntelliJ i had also to install the php plugin.
I also got the Deployment working with Autoupload :smiley:

Do you know how I can use the completion for node type definitions?

I figured everything else out with that plugin.

Yes, nice. But why are You running both, PHPStorm and IntelliJ? :see_no_evil:

No, sorry. I don’t know it.

I am new to it, just wanted to try both out. Uninstalling one of them cause both are same. IntelliJ just has some more Templates.