Neos Project Retro - Sprint Hamburg - April 2018

During the Vienna sprint we had a retro on 14th of November 2017.

Side note: Check for pink Post-Its if you are looking for the ToDos

List of participants

  • Gina Steiner
  • Markus Goldbeck
  • Peter Rauber
  • David Rellstab
  • Kathleen Peschke
  • Markus Günther
  • Jon Uhlmann
  • Christian Müller
  • Max Strübing
  • Mirjam Bornschein
  • Florian Kaiser
  • Daniel Lienert
  • Sebastian Helzle
  • Thomas Pötsch
  • Karsten Dambekalns
  • Rober Lemke
  • Dmitri Pisarev
  • Roland Schütz
  • Martin Ficzel
  • Bernhard Schmitt
  • David Vogt
  • Bastian Waidelich
  • Thomas Heilmann

Summary of the retro

After a short welcome we introduced the agenda:


We shortly talked about the vegas rule and the prime directive.

Vegas rule

Prime directive

We opened the retrospective with some explanation how the the Neos retrospectives work.

After that we had a look at all ToDos from last retro and found out that we took care of most of them. We did not think so before we actually checked - so this was a surprise.

After that we checked the timeline of things happening since the last retrospective in November 2017.
We found out, that really many things were going on and that we achieved pretty much. Mainly we were pretty happy that we finally managed to get the activity issue in the teams clear and working and that the continuous integration works pretty well.

Color code for the timeline:

  • Red: Meetups
  • Turquoise: Releases
  • Purple: New team members
  • Spring green: Sprints

After that we had a short explanation on how fishbowls and 1-2-4-All functions.

Explaining the fishbowl

Explaining 1-2-4-All

Now everybody had the chance to put in issues he/she wanted to talk about furure projections.

Gather all input

We clustered the isuues in following clusters and everybody could vote with three dots to get a priorization.

  • Qualtiy (12)
  • CR (8)
  • UI (7)
  • Community & Onboarding (7)
  • Framework war (6)
  • Marketing (5)
  • UX (4)
  • Neos Foundation (1)
  • Certification (0)

So we decided to first work on the issue Quality

Quality fishbowl

The second fishbowl was held on the issue CR.

CR fishbowl

The third fishbowl was held on the issue UI.

UI fishbowl

The fourth and last fishbowl was held on the issue Community & Onboarding.

Community & Onboarding fishbowl

As usual we collected feedback to enhance future retros.


I want to thank everybody for the attendance, the spirit and the engaged participation.