Neos Project Retro - Sprint Hamburg - March 2017

During the Hamburg sprint we had a retro on 28th of March 2017.

List of participants

  • Dmitri Pisarev
  • Florian Heinze
  • Gina Steiner
  • Karsten Dambekalns
  • Bernhard Schmitt
  • Robert Lemke
  • Wilhelm Behncke
  • Markus Goldbeck
  • Sebastian Helzle
  • Christian Müller
  • Gerhard Boden
  • Martin Ficzel
  • Sebastian Kurfuerst
  • Ivan Litovchenko
  • Samuel Hauser
  • Bastian Heist
  • Sreyleak Helzle
  • Max Strübing
  • Nico Heist
  • Dominique Feyer
  • Daniel Lienert

Attending the sprint but not the retro:

  • Joachim Mathes
  • Daniela Grammlich
  • Weiye Sun

###Summary of the retro

After a short welcome we introduced the agenda:


We shortly talked about the vegas rule and the prime directive.

Vegas rule

Prime directive

Everbody filled out a report to get a short overview over everybodies mood.

Explanation on the “report”

All “reports”

We had a look at all ToDos from last retro and found out that we did not take care of most of them.

ToDos from the last retro

After that we had a look at all things happening since the last retro in November 2016. We found out, that really many things were going on and that we achieved pretty much. So this seems to be the reason why we did not take care for the ToDos.


Now everybody had the chance to either put in one of the ToDos from last retro or add other issues he/she wanted to talk about.

Gather data

We decided to work on four issues:

  1. Organizational spring cleaning
  2. How to establish a product vision strategy?
  3. Marketing stuff
  4. 3.2 Planning

We had two tools in place, one for smaller, one for bigger issues:

For smaller issue: 1-2-4-all

For bigger issues: fishbowl

All of the discussion where held in a fishbowl. First fishbowl:

Fishbowl - Organizational spring cleaning

Second fishbowl:

Fishbowl - How to establish a product vision strategy?

Third fishbowl:

Fishbowl - Marketing stuff

The fourth issue did not need any discussion, we simply decided to work on it during this sprint.

3.2 Planning

As usual we collected feedback to enhance future retros.


We were able to finish the retro earlier than planned, we were done at 14:15.

I want to thank everybody for the attendance, the spirit and the engaged participation.

Thanks a lot for sharing!
And sorry I couldn’t participate (again)…