Neos Project Retro - Sprint Hamburg - October 2022

During the Hamburg sprint we had a retro on 5th of October 2022.

List of participants

  • Anke Häslich
  • Bernhard Schmitt
  • Christian Müller (remote)
  • Marc Henry Schultz
  • Markus Günther (remote)
  • Martin Ficzel
  • Jon Uhlmann
  • Robert Lemke
  • Roland Schütz (remote, partially)
  • Sebastian Helzle
  • Sebastian Kurfürst
  • Søren Malling (remote, partially)
  • Tobias Gruber
  • Viktor (remote)

Summary of the retro

After a short welcome we introduced the agenda:

  1. How am I doing and what do I want to share about the time since the last retro (2019)
  2. Timeline since last retro
  3. Reflection of the timeline
  4. Break
  5. Topic discussion 1: project team(s) organization
  6. Break
  7. Topic discussion 2: marketing
  8. Feedback


Events, team member changes, releases, other significant events

Topic discussion 1: project team(s) organization

We discussed about our internal project organization and agreed on the following experiment:

  • have a single core team instead of three separate teams
  • have two team meeting slots every week for 30 minutes at the previous Tiga and Unicorn team meeting times
  • the two meeting slots should allow more socializing, more project related connection and more opportunities to participate in the meeting
  • the meeting will consist of two parts:
    • first part: sync - everyone shares what they are working on and if they would like help
    • second part: socializing - opportunity to connect and bond
  • @christianm took the responsibility to adjust our Slack channels and meeting reminders to help the team transition to the new mode

Topic discussion 2: marketing

@sebobo represented the marketing team in this discussion.

The marketing team asked: what does the Neos Team need from the marketing team?

  • Get more end customers to support the Neos Project
  • Win award winning agencies as Longtime Neos Supporters
  • Send a yearly mailing to existing supporters with transparency about how funds are used
  • Improve the value proposition of Longtime Support:
    • more prominent listing on for service providers who provide longtime support (@sebobo )
    • ask supporters which new features are most important for them
  • Increase transparency about our usage of funds on (@sebobo and @tobias )
  • Idea: publish a fixed budget goal for the upcoming year and how much is support is missing to reach it - inspired by Wikipedia
  • Idea: show release notes in the Neos Backend after a minor or major Neos update


We closed the retro with an open feedback opportunity and @christianm and @sebobo took on the responsibility to organize the next team retrospective.