Neos.Seo issues with Flowpack.Listable & Breadlesscode.NodeTypes.Folder

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I want to open a topic in relation of helpful packages like “Flowpack.Listable” and “Breadlesscode.NodeTypes.Folder” and the standard behavoir of “Neos.Seo” (the SEO-Extension itself doing nothing wrong).

It’s not a big thing, but after a SEO-analysis of my new page, I had to fix some standard behavoir of the “Neos.Seo”-Package in relation of the added packages. And I think this steps should do everyone, who is working with that packages. Or I simply miss some “best-practise” options, to solve that another way.

Issues with “Flowpack.Listable”:

  • RobotsTags: Pages 2 - x are having “index, follow”, if the parent document have this option. Solution: Add the argument “request.arguments.currentPage” as condition to the “Neos.Seo:MetaRobotsTag” Fusion-Code. Also adding a dynamic cache to it for individual handling (the main document can have “index, follow”; the following pages “noindex, nofollow”)
  • CanonicalLink: The paginated pages should do not have a canonical tag. Same solution here: Edit the “Neos.Seo: CanonicalLink”, adding the “request.arguments.currentPage” param to the “hideIfNoIndexIsSet” function, to not show up a canonical link on pagination. Also adding a dynamic cache to handle the difference between the main document and the further pages.

Issues with “Breadlesscode.NodeTypes.Folder”:

  • TitleTag: The Neos.Seo extension includes the hidden folder into the title tag like “My Title - My Folder - My Page”. My current solution is to edit the “Neos.Seo.TitleTag” function with adding a filter option “.filter(’[hideSegmentInUriPath != true]’)”. This solves the issue that a folder, that is hidden from anything in the frontend, is shown in the title tag
  • Breadcumb: Same thing like the TitleTag. The hidden Folder is part of the StructuredData, even if its not shown in the Frontend. Solution equal to the TitleTag in “Neos.Seo:StructuredData.Breadcrumb” with additional “.filter()”-option.

Thats all so far I can see ATM. Technically I cannot say, that the packages itself would make something wrong. But the result of the packages - how they work together - is ABSOLUTELY WRONG from the SEO point of view. And if everyone should have to fix that, the question comes automatically: Maybe the both packages could need some instant Neos.Seo-improvements?

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Regarding the Folder type:

The folder types have hiddenInIndex set to true by default, the breadcrumb and title should respect that IMO.

For the SEO title prototype and the Neos breadcrumb prototype this would be small adjustments. Feel free to create PRs. But they might go into the next major version as this could be breaking and people might want a different behaviour.

I would have expect the same. But in my case it is not working this way. Maybe a local issue.

Edit: The standard breadcrumb menu is respecting the default configuriation. But the Neos.Seo not (in my case).

Then feel free to open an issue (and PR if you can) on Neos.Seo and I will check it