Neos setup over https:// connection


Is it possible when installing neos to do the setup over a https:// connection? My local installation did succeed when following the Getting started guide. When repeating it on my webhost over a url with a tls connection port :80 gets appended to the domain name in redirect urls and to paths that point to css and js files. This makes it impossible to proceed with the setup.

I tried to search for some kind of configuration directive in the documentation and code, but I can’t find anything. I’d also be fine with doing the setup manually on the command line, but I don’t know what I have to do exactly. Is there a command available or do I have to edit config files?

My goal is to setup a simple demo site with the neos demo package installed. Any help is very much appreciated.


  1. configure database in Configuration/Production/Settings.yaml
  2. ./flow doctrine:migrate
  3. './flow site:import <YOUR_SITE_PACKAGE_KEY>`
  4. './flow user:create --roles Administrator`

Thanks Max, that almost did it. I only had to change the Imagine setting to Imagick to work around the following memory exhaustion error:

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 100663296 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /domains/ on line 602

I have a working installation now, hooray :confetti_ball:!

Can I create a pull request to add this to the documentation somehow?

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Of course, we’d love your support. The right place to add this is here: