Neos Slider Extension


does some one have a Working Slider extension like the “layerslider” ?

i have tried to include it by myself, but i hit a block and i just can’t get it to work, i was already working with the Article “Integrating a JavaScript-based slider” but even if i just follow this Article to get the basic “bootstrap” slider, i am unable to get it to work. I even found some Slider extensions from “Obisconcept or Million12” but they don’t work for me (they won’t slide and i have no idea where exactly the problem is).

at the moment in my opinion it’s hard to find extensions for neos, if you are not able to build it by yourself. I would need a Slider with different Layout / slide options, for a Shop page i build for a friend (Main full with slider, Partner slider etc.). The best would be to get anything you can do with “Layerslider” as an extension for neos so that you can use the layerslider, but i am far away from be able to build that.

I would even pay for such an Extension, if the price is not to high.



Hi Sascha,

I don’t know if there’s a package that you can use right away but it’s quite easy to do this in Neos if you create your own NodeTypes for it (see the documentation for reference:
I did this by creating a container element and then another NodeType for each slide.

You could, of course, put this into an own package if you need to use it more often but I’m not sure if there’s already a package around to do this.


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Tons of extensions are not needed if you know how to configure advanced node types, I have the same feeling when I start working with Neos, but now I spend less time configuring my TS2 for any kind of element list (a slide is just a list).

This project can be really nice need some work but can help to produce any kind of node list.

For a Slider I love to use the Raw Content mode (or custom mode) to help the editor manage image (title, order, …) and disable inline editing for the Slide node type.