Neos Sprint Dresden - November 2021

Neos Sprint Dresden November 2021

The Dresden Neos Community will organise a sprint in Dresden, Germany - from 8th-12th November 2021. The sprint will be at BioInnovationsZentrum Dresden.


If you plan to join the sprint please make sure to fill the doodle:

Sprint Location:


Please organise your accommodation on your own. As a suggestion, the following hotels are close to the sprint location:

Costs and Sponsoring:

  • Meeting room: sponsored by Sandstorm
  • Pizza evening: sponsored by visol
  • Drinks: sponsored by
  • Sponsoring badge: “apply for it”
  • Hotel/Accommodation: as usual - everybody takes care on her/his own


There are a lot of possibilities for outdoor and cultural activities. Please get in touch on Slack if you want to spend some time exploring Dresden and we’ll see what we’ll come up with :-).

A concrete suggestion would be:

We go to the climbing hall together, there we can climb or boulder.
If you feel like it, then bring sports clothes, and if you have a climbing harness and climbing shoes.

Covid rule:

UPDATE: the 2G Rule applies during the sprint

During the sprint, the 2G (“vaccinated, recovered”) rule is applied, and we’ll do additional testing. This means that fully vaccinated persons, recovered persons or persons who have tested negative are allowed to enter. If you are in the “tested” group, then you need to get a new test every other day. (Arriving on Monday: test results on Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

The antigen test must not be older than 24 hours.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Dresden!


Hi Neos Sprint team

visol applies to becoming Pizza evening sponsor for the sprint. We can discuss the details via Slack.


Hey everybody,

due to changing regulations and high incidence in Saxony, we are applying the 2G Rule for the Neos Sprint. This means you need to be vaccinated (or genesen) to join the sprint, and we’ll additionally wear FFP2 masks during the sprint. We’ll do additional testing every two days to increase safety further.

Sorry for changing the rules on such a short notice; we are only doing that so we are all as safe as possible. I hope you’ll still visit us :wink:

All the best,

PS: Regarding the full time Mask Requirement - we have to see what is written out in the Allgemeinverfügung at the end of the week; then we can figure out the detailed rules.


Hi Neos Sprint Team, GmbH applies to sponsor the drinks for the sprint next week. See you all next week.