Neos Sprint Düsseldorf, Germany, Mon 31 July - Fri 4 August 2017

We are planning a sprint in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 31st july - 4th august 2016. noerdisch has offered to host the sprint in their offices - thanks a lot!

If you plan to join the sprint please make sure to fill the doodle:

There is space for 18 attendees max. So you have to be quick :slight_smile:

Noerdisch GmbH,
Werdener Strasse 6,
40227 Düsseldorf


As a suggestion, the following hotel is very close to the sprint location:
Chris Zepernick is planning to ask for a special rate, so he needs to know a number :wink: Please write a comment if you need one.

Costs and Sponsoring

I need a room

I also need a room

FYI: I added the sprint to our “Neos Events” calendar

I also need a room

I also need a room. About 90% sure I can join.

I join for sure. Flight is already booked.

Will be there.

One or two from Sitegeist are joining, we can say for sure if one or two the week before.

Edit: Just one

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I’ll be there for a day or two, but I won’t need a Hotel cause I’ll commute

I currently pretty busy, Sorry wont’t join but wish you a nice productive Sprint