Neos Sprint Hamburg - October 4-7th 2022

Sitegeist will organize a Neos Sprint in Hamburg from October 4th-7th. The sprint will be in the sitegeist office with the big conference room reserved for us during the whole sprint. We also have the option to use the sitegeist lounges and smaller rooms for breakout sessions.


Please fill the doodle here: Doodle

Sprint Location:


Please organize your accommodation on your own. As a suggestion, the following hotels are close to the sprint location:


Hamburg offers lots of options. We are planning to have a Neos meetup during the sprint but other than that we will decide later wether other external events are safe or wether we have a barbecue on the roof.

Costs and Sponsoring:

  • Meeting room: sponsored by sitegeist
  • Drinks: sponsored by sitegeist
  • Meetup: Pizza and drinks sponsored by sitegeist
  • Additional sponsoring for food is welcome please contact the organizers
  • Hotel/Accommodation: as usual - everybody takes care on her/his own

Covid rules:

We do not know yet which rules will apply in five months due to the nature of the pandemic. To be on the safe side you can assume that the Sprint will be 2G (vaccinated or recovered). We may decide later to use less strict rules if we are allowed to and consider this safe. We will update this section if changes to the covid-rules are possible or necessary.

We are looking forward to see you all in Hamburg :blue_heart: