Neos Sprint Lucerne, Switzerland, March 2019?

(Robert Lemke) #1

Hey there,

according to my faint memories and to the Neos event calendar, there is supposed to be a Neos sprint in Lucerne in week 12, starting at March 18th 2019. During the last Minions meeting I realized though, that nobody really knew details about that. Will it happen? Who will join? Do we have any specific topics?

Who can shed some light on this?

(Karsten Dambekalns) #2

This is the related Doodle:

(Markus Günther) #3

Would also like to hear what the sprint is about. Would like to attend but make it more or less depending on the topic.


(Lorenz Ulrich) #4

Hello everyone

Yes, indeed, there will be a Neos Sprint in Lucerne from 18-22 March 2019 in Lucerne. The sprint is hosted by visol digitale Dienstleistungen GmbH and will take place at our office.

Since we never hosted a sprint, we don’t know how the topic is determined. I will join the thread on Slack regarding the topic.

There is a Google Spreadsheet for participants: