Neos Sprint & Meet Neos Salzburg, Austria, 5th-9th November 2018

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We are planning a Neos Sprint and a Meet Neos in Salzburg, Austria - from 5th-9th November 2018.

Please remember:
On Thursday afternoon will be a Meet Neos with a get together social party!

On Friday Night will be a party in Vienna ( If you want to join us, let us know!


gesagt.getan. GmbH
Schloss Glanegg 2
5082 Grödig


We have organized three different accommodations with special prices for you:
If you reserve a room please use the code word gesagt.getan.

We will provide a shuttle service to these places, so don’t worry to get fast to our office.

Pension Steinerhof (Isa)

Double room: € 100,– per room/night including breakfast
We have booked three double-rooms. So 6 persons can join here.


Double room: Starting from at € 90,– per room/night
Single room: Starting from at € 80,– per room/night

This place has also 2 apartments (2 – 4 persons)
For 2 persons € 140,–
For 3 persons € 165,–
For 4 persons € 190,–

Bicycles are available.

Hotel Frauenschuh

Double room including breakfast: €135,–

One apartement is available: (2 – 4 persons)
For 2 persons € 155,–
For 3 persons € 210,–
For 4 persons € 265,–


Please book your room as fast as possible. On the 10th of November will start the “Gast Messe
So please hurry up.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me (@jonnitto) or @gerhard_boden

Neos Project Retro

At least once a year, preferably twice a year, we plan a retrospective.
We picked this sprint to hold one on Tuesday. All Neos team members can check the regarding Trello board and add issues

Costs and Sponsoring

  • Room, coffee, snacks, and beverages: Sponsored by gesagt.getan.
  • Special dinner at a special location sponsored by gesagt.getan.
  • Food on Friday sponsored by gesagt.getan.
  • Hotel/Accommodation: like usual - everybody takes care of her/his own

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