Neos Sprint Rosenheim, Germany, 18th-21st April 2016

We are planning our sprint just before Inspiring Con from 18th - 21st April 2016 at FH Rosenheim, Germany.


If you plan to join the sprint please make sure to fill the doodle:


Fachhochschule Rosenheim
Hochschulstraße 1
83024 Rosenheim


To be discussed.

##Costs and Sponsoring


  • rooms and food & drinks (for 20 people and 4 days): 1.776 €

I think a one-time badge at 300€ makes sense to get some support for the sprint. We’ll put that on the funding platform after the sprint in Dresden.

To make it easier to find sponsors for this sprint, let’s collect topics/tasks that we want to work on as replies to this post.


I guess some of us would still be focusing on the React UI, but I guess we can provide more details after the Dresden sprint.
Btw, I could try to use to save some expenses, seems to work out great.

I’d love to join the team working on new UI in React.
Signed up on Doodle.


I’d like to attend but i have to skip the 18. and would arrive on 19. in the morning.


I’d like to attend for a single day for pushing the Neos API thing a little bit.

@bwaidelich suggested me to visit on Wed. 20th.
@christopher suggested to take Thu. 21th, but that’s actually the “One Day Workshop” day of the conference, which I don’t have a ticket for.
@robert and @sebastian told me they’ll be around no matter which day we pick.

My colleague @sascha_nowak is planing to come, too, to maybe team up with @wbehncke and maybe do some work on the React interface.

So, could you give me a note if one of those days either “fits a little bit better” or another “doesn’t fit at all”?

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Hey @goli,

on Thursday, the “one day workshops” will happen at InspiringCon, but nevertheless the sprint will still happen. You do not need an InspiringCon ticket (or a “workshop ticket”) to join the sprint on Thursday.

:slight_smile: I personally have no preference regarding Wednesday or Thursday as I will be around in both cases.

All the best,


I suggested Wednesday, because Christian & Karsten will hold workshops on Thursday and I’d like them to join the discussion (if they feel like).

@christopher will you be there on the 21st?