Neos Sprint September 2015 – Frankfurt

Neos Sprint September 2015 – Frankfurt

  • Date: 15/09/21 to 15/09/26
  • Location: DE-CIX Meeting Center, Lindleystraße 12, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

DE-CIX sponsors a big part of this code sprint, still Frankfurt is expensive and there are expos all the time so accommodation is quite a factor. Please tell us if you are coming and if you can organise/sponsor accommodation for yourself (that would be awesome) or if you need sponsored accommodation.

I currently have 5 triple rooms booked here: So we would have up to 15 sponsored beds for the sprint. (We could change one to a double or single anytime if we need to).

We will have drinks as well as breakfast and lunch included at our sprint location, so that is covered.
You probably will need to take care of travelling yourself unless we find additional sponsoring for that.


  • organization, structure and procedures of the Neos Project
  • community and contribution
  • Neos brand
  • Neos legal entity / intiative memberships
  • project future direction, roadmap
  • Github move - we still have ~300 changes on
  • speed
  • red carpet
  • JS refactoring
  • editor change?
  • components
  • add topics here


DE-CIX sponsors the Meeting Center (with drinks) and organises breakfast and lunch for us. On top they threw in a budget for accommodation (or anything else basically) which for now would go into the above mentioned rooms.

More sponsoring would be awesome, we probably don’t have enough sponsored rooms, travel expenses need to be payed and people need to have dinner (and maybe a beer or cocktail after the hard work). If you would be up for sponsoring anything please send a mail to or consider purchasing one of our supporter badges :slight_smile:

Social stuff

We might plan some “social event” during the week but we have no sponsoring so far so it might be up to personal expense. As the group is quite big the options will be limited but we could probably do laser tagging for example.

Laser tag:


  • Alex Frühwirth
  • Andreas Förthner
  • Aske Ertmann
  • Bastian Waidelich
  • Ben van Kruistum
  • Benedikt Schmitz
  • Christian Müller
  • Daniel Lienert
  • Dominique Feyer
  • Gerhard Boden
  • Gina Steiner
  • Hans Höchtl
  • Johannes Steu
  • Karsten Dambekalns
  • Lars Nieuwenhuizen
  • Markus Goldbeck
  • Michael Gerdemann
  • Rens Admiraal
  • Robert Lemke
  • Sebastian Helzle
  • Sebastian Kurfürst
  • Tobias Gruber
  • Veikko Skurnik
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