Neos Sprint Summer 2020

Hey everybody!

After the Neos Sprint is before the Neos Sprint! :relaxed:
Tobi and I have already thought about the Neos Sprint in the summer of 2020.
We thought it would be nice to have some more productive time. A week is pretty tight with arrival, social events, and departure.

So what do you think of the following idea:

We extend the sprint to 2 weeks or 10 days (tbd) and schedule it into the summer holiday season. One would then have the opportunity to combine the sprint, for example, with a family vacation, so partners and children are involved.
Depending on how the idea appeals, it also decides where we will organize the sprint and also the type of location. For example, we imagine a castle again (like 2014 in Denmark), where there is enough space for the sprint and the accommodation itself.
We look forward to receiving your feedback!


Sounds awesome, heard only good feedback from the castle sprint in Denmark.
Not sure if my family would join such a sprint but I like the idea and would support that :slight_smile:

Two weeks is maybe bit too long. After that we all need vacation from the sprint and that would be quite expensive business wise :slight_smile:

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