Neos Sprint Vienna, Austria, 13th-17th November 2017

(Gina Steiner) #1

We are planning a sprint in Vienna, Austria - from 13th-17th November 2017.
web&co and codeq will organize the sprint and we’re looking forward to a sprint in a wonderful housing projekt - what an opportunity!


If you plan to join the sprint please make sure to fill the doodle:


Wohnprojekt Wien
Verein für nachhaltiges Leben
Krakauer Strasse 19/45
1020 Vienna


Please organize your accommodation on your own.
As a suggestion, the following hotels are close to the sprint location:

Neos Project Retro

At least once a year, preferably twice a year, we plan a retrospective.
We picked this sprint to hold one on Tuesday, the 14th of November 2017. All Neos team members can check the regarding trello board and add issues

Costs and Sponsoring

  • Meeting room: sponsored by web&co
  • Food after Neos Project retrospective: sponsored by web&co
  • Drinks: sponsored by codeq
  • Sponsoring badge: tbd
  • Hotel/Accommodation: like usual - everybody takes care on her/his own

Team Tiga - Team Meeting, 2017-10-11
Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2017-11-01
Team Tiga - Team Meeting, 2017-11-09
Team Tiga - Team Meeting, 2017-10-18
Team Tiga - Team Meeting, 2017-10-25
(Gina Steiner) #2

Neos Retro Pizza

After the Retro we are planning a social event for all sprint participants - sponsored by webandco. Self made/designed/structured pizza is on the card + a lot of drinks will make sure it’s a pleasant evening for everyone.

Family Spagetti Gathering

Official sprint ending is on Friday, but lots of participants are bringing their families to Vienna. That’s why we would like to make an unofficial/private lunch event on Saturday for everybody. The place is very children’s friendly and even if you have no kids you are very welcome. Due to the fact that it is a private event we are planning 10 Euro for adults and 5 Euro for kids for food and drinks. Please sign up for the doodle for better planning/scaling of the event - Spagetti scale quite well :smile:
If you want to join please add you and your +1, +2 or +n here: