Neos start giving typecast error with environment variables

Hi Team,

I have enabled Redis cache with Neos and flow by following the below article:

Instead of hard-coding the hostname and password in Redis Caches.yaml , I used dotenv connector to pass those values from environment variables:

After setting up all the things, Unfortunately, Neos start giving errors of typecast in the background as shown below:

I’ll be working with Neos v8.0.0. It would be much appreciated if you tell me what is the cause of it and how to fix this problem.

You can add a type hint to env variables:

    hostname: '%env(string):REDIS_HOST%'
    password: '%env(string):REDIS_PASSWORD%'

see: Configuration — Flow Framework 8.3.x documentation … i think this feature was introduced in 8.1

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Thanks, @mficzel for your information.

I’m going to upgrade my current Neos version to 8.3.3.