Neos Team at CloudFest 2020

Hi there … the CMS Garden is at the Cloudfest conference this year and we can offer little master classes (mini workshops). They now collect ideas.
If someone wants to recycle a talk or has some ideas he can contact me and attend the cloudfest

Room “Masterclass” during the Cloudfest (New target group “Web-Pros” = resellers of the hosting industry will be addressed … our topics (lectures/workshops) in the program can help, please make suggestions.Please post your suggestions here in the thread.The lecture room has a capacity of up to 12 people.
Idea for time frame Masterclasses: 1-> 2 hours.

The CMS Garden invites us to participate :slight_smile:
There will be also a Hackathon :slight_smile: (

Thanks for the pointers!

I signed up for the Hackathon and will think about some topics for a mini workshop. The thread you are referring to is a thread in another forum, right?

Are there any examples of past topics / workshops I can take as an orientation?

The MasterClass thing is new and they start this initiativ for the first time.
The CMS garden Forum is here

But there is not that much action. Can ping Stefan or David directly maybe they already have some ideas. It is so cool that you do that :slight_smile:

Thank you.

That sounds awesome, I signed up for the Hackathon (:crossed_fingers:) and will think about possibly being more present there…

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