Neos Text Editor links are not parsed correctly


if I have multiple links in the text editor (e.g. 3x which point to different assets), I always have to edit and update all links when editing, otherwise it can happen that in the source code or in the database 1x link points correctly to the asset (href=“asset://xzy”) and the others to an already parsed link (href=“…”).

JS errors don’t appear, no special config, could trace this now on NEOS 4.3 & 5.3 - but have no idea what this could be due to. Does anyone possibly have a tip for me?

Thanks a lot

Hi Sascha,

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Do you have any special ConvertUris usage on the affected node types in Fusion and f.e. forceConversion?

Hi Sebastian,

thanks :smiley:

Yes the basic one

text = ${q(node).property(‘text’)}
text.@process.convertUris = Neos.Neos:ConvertUris {
forceConversion = true

Then turn forceConversion off :wink:
Because it will convert links even when you are editing. But it should only do that in live.

ok just for me to understand - I had already tried this yesterday, for editing everything was ok so far. - but when I looked at certain content live, instead of the regular link, there was node://xxx or asset:// - amusingly, not always, but often - despite deleting the cache. Do I have to do anything else so that it is only done live?

No should work fine. The convertUris without the forced conversion should do its job when rendering the live workspace.
It’s the default config used for all the example content elements etc.

If you are in the preview mode the links will not be converted. Make sure you are actually “live” to test them.