Neos Tutorial Videos

Hi community

Today Drupal 8 was released and yesterday they released already big bunch of tutorial-videos for beginners (

I like the format and maybe this could be a good idea to do for Neos, too. Of course it’s a lot of work behind that. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that…

  • … this could help to spread the word about Neos
  • … this could be a good source to get an overview about what Neos is capable of
  • … this could be the starting point for beginners to start using Neos

Best regards,


Thanks for the suggestion. I also have seen many great tutorial videos (for example, is a great website, too). And the videos we have currently linked on are really outdated (Neos 1.0, still mentioning TYPO3 etc.). So for the 2.1 release we should at least provide some general overview videos with the new name and an updated demo site. (@kdambekalns should we add that to our release tasks?)

Would you be in for helping us getting started? Do you have any suggestions for the topics we should cover? Maybe even create an outline?