Neos Update 1.2 -> 2.0 will not work

Hello together,

Unfortunately I have an old NEOS (1.2.5) installation here. I tried upgrading it with this guide:

Everything seems to go great until I try to apply

./flow node:migrate --version 20141103100401 --confirmation TRUE

This fails with:

➜  neos git:(9450bca) ✗ ./flow node:migrate --version 20141103100401 --confirmation TRUE

  Migrate serialized Media objects to relation format.

  No down migration possible for this migration. There is no way back. Make
  sure you have a backup of your database.

An exception occurred during the migration, run a ./flow doctrine:migrate and run the migration again.

I also tried a doctrine:migrate again, with no success…

I realy stuck here…

Hi @lukas. Have you found solution of this problem? I have the same ;/