NEOSidekick AI Writing Assistant

The NEOS community is always about curiosity.
Let’s embrace the future – with NEOSidekick!

The new Neos-integrated AI Writing Assistant ist the ultimate tool to enhance every content creation. Craft captivating content, brainstorm ideas, and draft 10x faster with unique mods of OpenAI Models.

Join the NEOSidekick Beta waiting list and community today and be a part of something special.

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What we have achieved at NEOSidekick in the last two weeks!

  • Experience the streaming output and generation of longer answers: answers are continuously output and can generate texts with over 100 words for several minutes.
  • Consistent form design, even in Safari.
  • If an error occurs during an OpenAI response, the existing message is now preserved.
  • Better error handling around OpenAI, we automatically retry interrupted GPT-4 requests (e.g., due to overload). If it still doesn’t work, there is now a meaningful error message.
  • Optimized handling of special characters, such as Shy, and support for HTML code.
  • When clicking the Up arrow, the last message appears in the input field, just like in Slack.
  • Messages can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Generations can be canceled at any time. For this, we have optimized the entire stream handling.
  • Added missing translations.
  • Line breaks are consistently processed and displayed.
  • While a response stream is being processed, a message can now be entered directly (but not sent).


  • Personalize NEOSidekick with information about your website and your target audience
  • Use the content of the current page to get even better texts generated.
  • Change the form of address in German between informal DU and formal SIE
  • Complete conversion to a model-based architecture to enable automation later on
  • Rights management, which editors are allowed to use NEOSidekick
  • API-Key can be set for all editors via Settings.yaml