New Forum Feature: Mark Topics as Solution

Hi all,

TL;DR: As the author you can now mark threads topics (in the “Using Neos & Flow” categories) as solved

Up to now we asked you to prefix the title of your post with “[SOLVED] …” once a solution to your question was found.

As of now you can instead mark a topic as solution with a new button:


(note: This is only active if you’re the author of the thread and/or member of the staff and if the post is in one of the “Using Neos & Flow” categories)

I went ahead and replaced some of the “[SOLVED]” prefixes. Threads with a solution are highlighted with a checkmark in the topic lists:


You can also filter topics by “resolved/unresolved” status now:


This might help us to find open questions faster.

PS: Thank you @kdambekalns for installing the discourse plugin!