New name for the "sprint"

(Gina Steiner) #1

Hello there,

following up on Roberts suggestion to look for a new name for the sprints I suggest to call them “Insite”.

  • When companies spend time with the whole company out of the company building they often call it “Offsite”.
  • Since we are spread all over, we could turn it around and call it “Insite”.
  • In addition it gives us all “insight” into the system.
  • Last but not least, we all feel “inside” of the community when we meet at a sprint.

So this is my suggestion - please discuss!

(Christian Müller) #2

Works for me.

Hackathon is still a word that is used on other communities and could be used for our “sprints”.

(Alexander Berl) #3

I like the idea of having a more expressive name, and the multitude of meanings of “Insite” is very nice. I would also add “incite” as a positive homophone, since it should attract and inspire the people to push the project further.

But on the other hand, I fear that this will make the event less clear to ousiders. A “code sprint” (or “Hackathon”) is pretty well known term in software development, especially open source communities ( The Kodi guys call their events “DevCon” for example.
But what would an outsider think what an “Neos Insite” event is, without explaining it? But then again, maybe that also attracts some curiosity, which is good.

If I had to decide right away, I’d go with “Insite” and look how it works and feels.

(Sebastian Kurfuerst) #4

Hey everybody,

hmmm – I don’t understand what an “insite” is or how I use this word (without reading any explanations). So for me a “Hackathon” etc works; but “Neos Insite” does not trigger any meaning with me…

I don’t want to spoil the party; so I am definitely open to trying it; but “Neos Insite Dresden” sounds weird, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

All the best,

(Sebastian Kurfuerst) #5

BTW: any reason this discussion is in the team-internal category? Why not move it out and make it public?

All the best, Sebastian

(Gina Steiner) #6

from my point of view “hackathon” sounds very code-centric. it reminds me of “code sprint”. from that point of view i would rather stick to “sprint” than switch to hackathon. for me it would feel like a step backwards…

(Gina Steiner) #7

not really - can you move it?

(Christian Müller) #8


(Daniel Lienert) #9

What do you think about:

  • Neos Gathering
  • Neos Local
  • Neos intense

(Max Strübing) #10

+1 for gathering

(Kathleen Peschke) #11

The name should sound like productivity. A company should be convinced that something is done at this event to send people. :wink:

You all live and build Neos on these events.

  • Neos Future
  • Neos Build the future
  • Neos compose
  • Neos shape
  • Neos perform

(Bastian Waidelich) #12

We meet all the time, and shape Neos for that matter. The difference with the “Sprints” is that we meet in person and that people “from the outside” are invited to join.

IMO it should be a word that doesn’t require (too much) explanation and isn’t (too) bureaucratic (e.g. please don’t call it “Meeting” :smiley:)… I like Daniels suggestions, but I’m a bit indecisive atm

(Jon Uhlmann) #13

Even when it get the feeling on the sprint that it is more a marathon, I personally like the word sprint. A sprint (in the sport world) is intense, you have to move. The same on a Neos Sprint: It is intense, you do stuff you have never done before.

(Aske Ertmann) #14

I think I missed something, but what was Robert’s reasoning for renaming it? Seeing as we already did rename them from “Code Sprints” to “Sprints” to be less code oriented years ago.

Also along with the analogy of companies, it’s more like a Neos offline as we do most of our work online :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bastian Heist) #15

I’m also kinda split on this one. I see the arguments against the name “Sprint”, but none of the other suggestions really resonate with me so far. I agree with @bwaidelich - we shouldn’t have to explain it.

(Christian Müller) #16

Lowest common denominator that wouldn’t need explanation is probably “Neos Get Together”?

I also just found the word “Confab” and I think it works quite well?

(Sebastian Helzle) #17

After reader all the ideas I’m for keeping “sprint” right now.

Sounds more like something that has a goal and also needs outside support and is not just for “hanging out”. So like @kathleen.peschke said, it should include productivity.

I don’t think we need to have a different name than other communities do?
And I would assume non coders sprint sometimes too.

But I’m looking forward what other ideas come up :slight_smile:

(Robert Lemke) #18

wiping away some dust from this thread

Just for the record: In general I don’t like the term “sprint” for what (agile) teams usually do week after week. You know, these two-week iterations with a sprint goal and all that. Because, sprint always means running as fast as you can, being exhausted afterwards. And that’s not what you should do week after week. So I rather call these “iterations” or give them another fancy name.

However, as for the Neos sprint, everything about the word “sprint” is still true: we are running towards a goal and are pretty exhausted after the week. But of course we could emphasize a different aspect, for example that we have a kind of “friends & family” meeting. If we find a catchy, nice, telling name for that, sure, let’s use that. But until then, sprint is probably fine.