New or multiple demo site(s) with Atomic.Fusion and Fusion.BestPractice as option to current demo-site

I would like to have an easy way to convince decision makers and Stakeholders, existing customers who are interested in a change and new customers who want to be impressed of the uniqueness and great usability of Neos.


My intention is to make a kind of demo package, that can be set up quickly and adapted with a few easy steps. That is less focused on technical feasibility (such as the current demo site) but focuses on the advantages and editor-friendliness of Neos.

Many ways to do things in Neos (a different POV/showcase)

At the talks on Slack, it became clear that it would be very useful to use Fusion.BestPractice and Atomic.Fusion for this purpose.


There are many ways to setup a project in Neos. And as @aertmann said:

quite sure, it makes sense to make it optional in a separate version of a demo site, so that the learning curve and its steepness can be selected and possible approaches can be compared.

Next steps

I use this topic as the main thread to guide the progress of a new or view different demo site(s).


In order to integrate Atomic.Fusion and Fusion.BestPractice into the demo as exemplary as possible, I am looking for practical implementations of Atomic.Fusion.

To get an overview of the great blog-article from @mficzel Atomic.Fusion-Theory as simple as possible and to translate it into a practical project and include it in demo-site:


My Ideas regarding this topic:

I would suggest to keep alternate demos small and to showcase only one aspect of neos at a time. So like have a good “Blog” or a “LongPager”-example without the need to show everything at once.

The demo packages should be site-packages in a custom vendor-namespace (not Neos or Flowpack from start) and contain a content.xml that will create a good starting point. Since namespace will not be Neos the packages do not have to be perfect, they just need to point out some aspects well. In the description we can describe why we added this package to the demo-list and what aspects are showcased in a real good manner.

As a start we should collect a list of demo-site-packages and publish it somewhere on Since we want so provide an alternate neos-base-distribution that allows to select the site-package that is cloned this list would be the obvious items to offer there aswell but this is not finished yet.


Hi @mficzel,

sounds good.
I will do some LongPager-example.
But I have first to grasp the basics with Atomic.Fusion and the other parts. For this I do some trials with new code-logic and breakdown.
At the moment I don’t have much time beside work to understand and integrate the new things.
But after Easter it looks better.