New Site Package Issue


I am trying to create the new site package but it is giving below error.,
Please find the attachment for the same.

Any suggestion will help.

Any Suggestion?

Did you already try the same from the command line?

Thanks for the reply.
I know about the below command which create the site when site package has to be created before.

./flow site:create.

But I am affarid ,I need to create the different site package with new site.
Is there any other command which create the site package?

You can use ./flow kickstart:site

Thanks, it Worked

But can you give any idea why it gives error from the portal(UI) side.
In local(http) work fine but when goes to the production it start giving above error.


I’m not sure. It would be good if you create an issue on Github. I assume not many create a site package in production as this is not the recommended way to do it for various reasons. You really don’t want to create new code in production context as it also handles caching differently etc…

I would rather prefer if this feature would be disabled in production context.

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Really Thanks for genuine reply.