Newbie here, who knows nothing about Neos

Hi @ll
Im really a newbie, and know nothing about Neos but I was inquisitive as I saw a Meetup in Bern about Neos and had a look at a few sites created by Neos. So here I am wanting and willing to learn. My machine is using Windows 10. I asked on the Meetup whether I need good knowledge of PHP and they said no: though I have a good grips of PHP I was a bit overwhelmed when I read that I need a Webserver. This is the reply I got
You can find a lot of ressources at­. And no, you don’t need to know php or js, although it’s is good if you have some knowledge about creating and building websites.

Ok I am familiar with js and have created and built a few websites either by coding or using drupal or wordpress.
My question as a newbie, do I have to install a webserver on my machine?
Thank you for your help and if this question have been asked already Im really sorry for being rude and asking things which have been asked already.
Best Newbie who promises to be better with the time.

Hey I am relatively new to Neos just like you, these resources really helped me in getting started with Neos.

To answer your question though, you don’t need a webserver installed if you have access to a remote server otherwise I think you do.

Hey, I’m quite new in Neos as well.

I guess, you don’t have, but I would recommend it. Because:

  • In Neos, you have all the liberties to do things like you wish. But you have to do it - most of the time - on your own. No «one-click» and it is done.
    For simple solution there are not many things to do.
    But I guess, most of the time claims will rise. Then you have to write small peace of code in typoscript-file, yaml and html-fluid template. This is more fast and easy with your own local server.

  • For Neos, you will not find tons of plugins like for drupal or wordpress. And for this currently scattered plugins you have to figure out the installation with Terminal/CommandLine and composer. A good, stable and easy to use tool, but less comfortable then in contao/drupal/wordpress/typo3. No backend-easy-peasy-tool: So, to clarify whether the plugin is any good and deal with in your layout-/developing-/contentfill-process it is more simple on your local webserver.

  • Neos is a great CMS with an enormous flexibility and extensibility, the core-team and other users are really helpful in forum and slack and the use of Neos is often simple and almost self-explanatory. And yet it ***needs now and then some runs of «trial and error»***. For this a local webserver is really handy.

To come in touch with, I strongly recommend always:

The ebook_neos_template.pdf : Neos - Schritt für Schritt -> Site-Package-Erstellung einfach erklärt
Really good to understand practical step by step tutorial to create your own one-page-agency-website with Neos’ ContentElements, templates and so on. Also with Github development-step packages to compare your own code with. Good for learn the basics and more - not only from theoretical documentation-page.

  • You have to sign-on for Newsletter. But in my mind, this is worth more than.
  • Only in German Language.

Hope it will help

Hi maschad
Thanks a million, right now am checking your suggestions, hoping things will be smoother afterwards.
Thumbs up.

All the best.

Hi mad

Yep will keep that in mind, and will soon study everything you suggested.

Yep it helps a lot :yum:

Hi mad
I got an error from the link you suggested, its either down or somewhere bonkers.

Das hätte nicht passieren sollen …
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Sorry, bad idea: «Copy & paste» without test at the end.
I have changed the link above. The error was the «2» at the end of the link.
Now it will do: double checked :relaxed:!