No space or linebreak with ItemRenderer

I’ve a very simple question: Is it possible to prevent a linebreak or space when using the itemRenderer:

    templatePath = 'resource://Test.Test/Private/Templates/NodeTypes/Content.InterlisParagraph.html'
    characterElements = Neos.Fusion:Collection {
        collection = ${q(node).children('[instanceof Test.Test:Content.InterlisCharacterSequence]')}
        itemRenderer = Test.Test:Content.InterlisCharacterSequence
        itemName = 'node'
        iterationName = 'characterIteration'

The InterlisCharacterSequence contains only a text-string (truncated to 1024 Byte) and an id (which is the reason for me not to combine them in one node). But I need to output the text-strings without space or linebreak as the strings may end in the middle of a word. Any idea on how to do this?

PS: the text-strings contain html span-tags with style definitions.


I don’t think a Collection adds spaces or line breaks. How does your itemRenderer look?