Node addition / creation button possibe?

What would it involve in Neos to render a button below or above a list of nodes (think blog posts) that allows to open a form to add a new node to the list?

I would like to end up with something like the solution described here:

Do you want it to work only from backend interface, so only website editors can add more posts, or on the frontend, so any users can create posts, after login?

In the backend.

I thought about having a specific “add blog post” button on the blog page, because

  • the telling users to use the “+” button in the navigator may result in them accidentally adding document nodes in wrong (not intended) places.

  • and I dont’t seem able to limit the type of nodes I can create in the node tree.

I added the following, but am still able to add pages below the homepage.

      '*' : FALSE

I am also able to add community news below a news category, something I thought is constrained.

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I think that’s a very good idea, something I’ve been wanting myself for a very long time.
I think @robert did something like this for his blog, did you?
Try to gather more feedback from everybody and form it into RFC, I would support it, and maybe I’m even interested to work on this in some future.

Regarding constraints it’s a different question, try to ask around in our Slack or make a separate thread, it’s not really related.

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I think that’s definitely a great idea :smile: and I’d also support this!

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