Node type "Flownative.Anchorlinks:AnchorMixin" does not exist

Dear Community,

ich have the following issue when installing a template on neos 7 - Node type Flownative.Anchorlinks:AnchorMixin" does not exist and if I try to install it with composer it is still the same error. Please see screenshot link for error message.

Can sombody maybe help me with detailed instructions in order to solve this issue.
Ps: I have also tried to delete also the neos temporary folder which does not help either.

Thanks for your support as aslways in advance.


Not sure what template you are using, that would be a helpful information. But if it‘s a package it might have it‘s own dependencies that need to be installed via composer.

It seems it needs the Flownative.AnchorLinks package

So check whether the dependency is already there and run composer update or add the dependency yourself and then try again.