Noob alarm: How to reference to a Content Collection

Hello Pros, I have two real noob questions, which I couldn’t find any answer for.
I want to create content blocks, which I can then reuse in different landing pages so that’s why I ask.
How can I create a content reference of a specific Content Collection. There’s no name or ID tag in the properties tab, just a search bar.
Am I right that I would then reference to that specific “instance” or node of the content collection including it’s content?
Am I also right that it could still be rendered differently if the parent node inherited different variables than the original one, like e.g. fixed width?

Hi Sebastian,

I usually do it this way: I have elements like sections and multicolumns. They get a title property that will not be rendered.
Reference elements can then easily allow selection of them via the title.
Then the whole collection can be reused.

And welcome to the community btw. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks for picking up the topic - That totally hits the spot! Nice and easy.

Thanks again

And btw all the best for you and your family!

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