Official code sharing platform (snippets)

This thread is about discussing the creation of an official platform for sharing code snippets for Neos & Flow.

Continuing from Flow/Neos Package Listing

Both & was mentioned as examples in that discussion.

I can inform that @kerstin already did a great job implementing a snippet solution based on Flow that I planned to use officially when I find time to set it up. What’s missing is styling, integration with the new account service & quality assurance. The styling can be done when we have the new website design finished and we can already start integrating the accounts. Here’s the repository for the current state If anybody if up for helping with making this happen, let me know so we can figure out how to get this finished.

One question is what to call it and related to that the subdomain/path to be used.

Answering Flow/Neos Package Listing

I also suggested to use gists back when discussing the solution Kerstin worked on last year, but currently it’s independent. However an integration with gist would still make sense, maybe just a way to import them easily as a new snippet.

This is the Demo of the Snippets Playground:
The examples are mainly from Aske’s InspiringCon Slides

The Idea is to have a bit more than Snippets - an Aggregator for all the stuff where people can share all kind of links about Neos (Gists, Posts, Tutorials, Slides, Packages, …)

The Package itself contains no styles. I created a site package for that where i just integrated a bootstrap template

A few weeks ago I stumbled over this list and maybe it would be nice to have such a list for Neos too and collect all the stuff there

Thanks for the update. We need to make sure that we don’t end up with multiple tools for the same stuff. E.g. we’ve started using discourse for answering FAQs. Same has been suggested to do for packages and slides. Therefore I’d suggest we only use a tool for something specific because it has advantages over something else. A zeef collection could make sense, maybe we can create an official one that the Neos team manages.